Manchester, Connecticut

About Us

Ed Paquette
860-647-3093 Mon thru Fri
Kimberly Sullivan
860-647-3096 Mon thru Fri
Margaret Haley
Social Worker
860-647-3064 Mon thru Fri
Lee Dittman
Social Worker
860-647-3094 Mon thru Fri
Brittney Brooks
Social Worker
860-647-3194 Mon thru Fri
J. Amy Thompson
PT Conservator, SW
860-647-3149 Mon am - Fri am 
Denise Dauray
Conservator, SW
860-647-3097 Mon thru Fri
Katie Clark
PT Social Worker
860-647-3065 Mon, Wed & Fri
Ruth Dorman
PT Social Worker
860-647-3098 Mon, Wed & Thur
Amy Judd
PT Clerical for Cons.
860-647-3096 As needed

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Manchester Senior, Adult and Family Services provides social work and conservator services to any Manchester resident over age 18.  Social work services can include providing information, guidance, assistance competing applications, advocacy, referrals, and outreach/wellness checks.  Services are provided in-person (office, home, community) by phone, email or Zoom.

479 Main Street ~ Manchester, CT 06040
Phone:  860-647-3096     Fax 860-647-3063
Business Hours:  8:00 - 4:30 Monday - Friday

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